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This site is dedicated to the GROWING number of pump and stock class players in the sport of paintball. I myself have played 12gram since the mid 80's and STILL have a great time doing it. Walking-on with a pump nowadays makes for an INTERESTING, but exciting day!-I play with a Kamikaze Shooter DD68 aka "Desert Duck" which I purchased new on Dec 4, 1988 from Dave Loo and Suzi Alter, who owned a paintball field called "Shiloh" located in Southern California.

Yes, Virginia-- there really IS a SLAM Redux!! It sports an extended, ported barrel and a Redux Factory SLAM-CHANGE....  photo also contains Mongo's Slam-Loo Duck Kamikaze Shooter DD68!
There ar only 2 slam-changer "spots" (waiting list) left- we only made 10 and we expect completion by the end of August.

LOOK, LOOK, LOOK--We are now building A WORKING, RELIABLE SLAM CHANGE! its expensive, but you will love it! Call mongo at 818-723-6860 to reserve one- DON'T send money!!!! it will be paypal only as of right now- Locals can make arrangements With Mongo.

I would also like to announce that an exciting, new pump marker has been released!!. It DOES resemble a Kamikaze Shooter- a marker that is also known as a "Desert Duck". The Kamikaze Shooter DD68- the legendary fusion of aluminum, stainless steel, springs, screws, and seals, with a bit of Nelspot, and a LARGE dose of the Colt 1911- has captured the hearts of many, and put envy in the minds of those who would love to have one, but have not been able to due to supply and demand. It is a "Redux" of the original Desert Duck-The "REDUX" as it is called, has features that definitely would not allow it to be passed off as an original one. It has a barrel system that uses precision machined inserts, which allows the player to adjust for ANY size paintballs, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the marker. Another feature is the compatibility with Phantom internals, so you can keep your marker tuned, without worrying about parts being available. Custom, 6061 aluminum feed blocks that allow changing the markers configuration, is another feature incorporated into it- will enable you to go from modified to stock class in seconds!  Finally, many optional items will be offered- adjustable, three dot, and ghost ring sights for example. An extended barrel , an IPSC style compensator, A WORKING SLAM-CHANGE, extended front grip, and other items still in the works, including custom anodizing, milling, and high-end grip panels giving your marker that "one of a kind" look and feel.  Thanx for visiting our new Internet site. Please check back, as products and photos will be published as soon as possible. We will be dedicating a page to the history and facts surrounding the Kamikaze Shooter DD68, and the players who use them. We look forward to the input from those who share our interest in this great pump marker and pump/stock play in general. Thanxx again for looking!  

Steve "Mongo" Brett

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