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Thanks Brandon Cayetano from HAWAII ALLSTAR PAINTBALL GAMES!! R.I.P. Buddy!!! we all will miss you!

This photo is from 1986!!!!!!!!!!!! note the vehicles on the field.........

 I am SURE that there's alot of Desert Duck Faqs and fiction out there. I would like to solicit any and all persons who have knowledge of this great marker, to come forward with facts and stories detailing the conception, manufacturing, and who's and when's. Anything at all!! I will collect what I am sent, and add what I remember, and try to compile a history and tribute to the marker and ALL of those involved with its birth. I am sure the man himself, Dave Loo, would smile upon those that remember him and his legacy to paintball. I remember playing against Dave and his friends on MANY occasions at the old "SHILOH" field. The Kamikaze Shooters were an AWESOME force to contend with!! Dave, Mark Tora, Derek Obitake, Tim Stone, Jack Wada, Sheldon and others, whose names I'm sure will come back to me- were the most honest, sincere, and downright FUN people to be around, PERIOD!!!

This Photo was sent to me by Brandon Cayetano- Owner/Operator of Hawaii-Allstar Paintball Games-- The Player on the left, with his arm around Brandon, is the man--- Dave Loo, the force behind the creation of the  Kamikaze Shooter DD68- The "Desert Duck".  Many of us remember Dave in his "jumpsuit" style coveralls. This photo, when I finished loading it, made me a little weak in the knees!!! The player with the moustache is one of THE BEST pump players I have had the pleasure to play with and against-- Tim Stone. He has a smile that can never be duplicated!!  Brandon- in the middle, recanted to me online that Dave, after a tournament in Hawaii, had given him a marker that was the first prototype of the "DesertDuck"- It was the birth of a great friendship, and began a trend of pump play in Hawaii that to this day still exists!! We all miss Dave- and will ALWAYS remember what he contributed to our sport! I only wish I knew him better.......... The photo below is Dave Loo, Suzi Alter, and Tim Stone- This was also sent to me by Brandon. Thanks ALOT!!