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Team Redux- sponsored by  THE REDUX FACTORY of So Cal is adding a new Factory Team- Team Redux- TEXAS  Steve "Mongo" Brett, and  Eric "DSA" Alfaro  will head up the newly formed pump only team- TEAM REDUX -TEXAS for 2009. More to follow---

"LJ" John Passo, "KC" Keith Collins- two members of  "Hard 8"- one of THE Best pump tournament teams out there, and Steve "Mongo" Brett showing off the Redux S/C pump pistols between games at the OSC #3. LJ and KC had not had a chance to use the Redux prior to today!!  Yet they took to the markers like "DUX to water!" We put the Redux through 8 games and both players were pleased with the performance, commenting- "These things shoot straight!" and had minimal trouble getting used to the action- as the markers they use normally have different feeds- each one had a chopped ball, but they were quick to comment that it could be the excitement or the learning curve, but we also discovered one of the new feeds was short on room inside- and the balls were too tight in the tube! We quickly corrected it, and continue our tourney test of the REDUX.

The majority of Team Redux- Texas! DSA and Mongo- minus Zack Alfaro--Eric represents Team Redux in the Southwest, and is also a Redux critic and reviewer-- he gets down and dirty .. good or bad you will hear how the Redux performs, and what works, and what doesn't!!  We'll get a chance to see these two in action in OK in the middle of June 2009