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Remove your pump handle and s/c feed- screw brass eyelet on to your pump rod- its easier with barrel off. Locate eyelet so that the slide is even with the back of trigger frame when installed and eyelet is located in slot on the bottom of slide- screw onto pump rod about ten threads- adjust if necessary by screwing in or out- this should be close-

This is what it should look like when you are spacing the slide- again, about ten threads should do it.  Now you are going to remove the slide, and while you have the marker apart, lube the barrel and breech so that the whole thing will slide smoooothly! Now you can continue fitting the lower assembly and checking it for proper alignment. For a lighter action- remove spring altogether!

Note the slot in the lower grip- the brass eyelet is going to fit into round slot in the lower grip- and now the tricky part-- if you want to use the spring, you must pull it back with your finger nail, and at the same time put the two halves together ( it's easier without spring) and make sure they are flush, and the brass eyelet is in place between them. You'll know if it fits the way it should!!- see next photo-

This photo is to show you how the lower grip half fits onto the pump rod- remember, the spring must be pulled back before putting the two halves together! (You can do it!) Now you are going to re-install the slide over the breech/marker, and install the three long screws-0 the fourth is the short screw that goes into the slot closest to the pump rod- its obvious which one that is- the hole is not all the way through!

Again- make sure the two halves are flush, and the spring is pulled back- now tighten everything up, re-install your barrel, and be sure to lube it up with some quality lube outside, so the slide is smooth when pulled back- you're almost done! Now install your feed tube.... and

YOU'RE done........ It looks cool, huh?   Make sure everythings snug- now have a great time and get ready to answer ALOT of questions at the field!! The DuckSlide works with all Air Adapters and aftermarket barrels with an OD of .880 and any length. It now fits new AND older Phantom Markers in S/C configuration. Thanx for your business!!     Mongo