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Shown above is the new "FreakOUT" modified 6 in Phantom Barrel- bored to accept Freak inserts- ship your barrel and get it bored FAST! or buy one of ours- 6 or 8 inch- black or silver- Inquire for pricing at VKC or email us. We do them FAST!!!! (quick turn around) If I get it before  Thursdays I will turn it around on FRIDAY!!

or email sbrett1911@desertduckdd68.com ANYTIME to order by check or m/o

The DuckSlide replaces the Phantom pump with a "Duck" style slide and lower grip!!  Simply unscrew your barrel, remove your s/c feed, remove your pump handle, screw brass locator to your pump rod and spring assembly, slide the DuckSlide over your s/c body, lube it up first!! check for length, screw on your barrel, fasten the lower grip to the upper slide with the screws provided, and re-attach your feed tube to the slide!! Rack the slide back-- feel how smoooooth it is? Now start huntin' down those "electro" players!! -- and look COOL doing it!!  Available NOW!!!!!!

The New DuckSlide tm is available in basic BLACK, or RAW finish. Other colors are in the works- inquire at the site contact page. Shown is a S/C Phantom with Vertical 12 gram adapter and hardline. 6 inch barrel, and 45 grip. The DuckSlide shown is Black finished to match the Phantom. It is made from 6061 solid billet aluminum. We will begin taking orders on NOW!!!, call Mongo at 818-723-6860